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English bulldog

The main features of the breed can be considered a thick neck, a short head and a large number of skin folds. Dogs also have increased salivation and snoring during sleep.

English Bulldog : characteristics of the breed

The eyes of the English Bulldog are dark in color. The nose is turned up and is black. The lower jaw is pushed forward so that the incisors are visible. The lips of dogs are thick and pendulous, and the cheeks are massive and round. Bulldog ears are small in size, hanging on the forehead. They have a short tail, barrel-shaped back, and short, muscular limbs, the front of which is longer than the hind.
Dogs of short stature, about 35-40 cm. Stable weight 23-25 ​​kg. They have saggy skin with short hair. The color is different: white and brindle, yellow-brown, piebald and red. Life expectancy is 8-10 years.

English Bulldog : history

Dogs of this breed appeared in England in the 17th century. There is an opinion that they were derived from the Alan - this is an ancient breed of dogs that inhabited the mountains of the Caucasus. They were used to bait bulls in sports. The name "Bulldog" speaks for itself and in translation means "bull dog".

Nowadays, the breed is very common throughout the world and is used as a bodyguard and companion.

English Bulldog : x character

The representatives of this breed have a very soft character, which is fully consistent with their appearance.

This is a completely domestic dog breed that needs constant attention. Bulldogs are reliable and brave. They make good guard dogs.

English Bulldogs are good with pets, but poorly perceived by their fellows.

Their character directly depends on upbringing. If the dog is properly educated and not allowed to dominate, then it will turn out to be an affectionate and kind dog, unusually patient with the tricks of children and a reliable protector for the whole family.
By their nature, bulldogs are imposing, great lovers of sleep and just lying around.


English Bulldog : Obsession and Care

You can keep an English Bulldog both in an apartment and in a private house outside the city. They are equally good everywhere. Because they don't need walks or jogging. Dogs are focused only on their owners, they are often called "sofa dogs".

Bulldogs are very susceptible to heat. Overheating is contraindicated for them. At 30 ° C, they experience heatstroke. They also do not like low air temperatures at which they catch colds.

Childbirth is a difficult process for bulldogs. Therefore, it is better for them to have a caesarean section.

Bulldog grooming is moderate; they shed only in autumn and spring. Combing should be done once a week. Bathe once every two months with a special shampoo. Every day you need to pay attention and after eating, wipe the folds on the face so that skin diseases do not occur. It is also necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the anus and, if necessary, wipe it with a damp cloth.

The ears are cleaned for the bulldogs once a week, the nails are trimmed twice a month. Bulldogs need to brush their teeth daily.